What is Kokua Market?

Kokua Market is the first and only natural foods cooperative in Hawaii! This means that we are owned by over 4,000 members of the Honolulu community. As part of the cooperative (co-op for short!) our owners have a say in what we sell, how we run the business, and how we get involved with the community. We have high standards for the products and produce we carry in our store, we work hard to cater to every healthy diet, and we make sure to support local first whenever possible! Kokua Market opened in 1971 and has grown a lot in size and in the amount of owners, but still maintains the same core values.

What is a Co-op?

A co-op is a cooperative, meaning that a group of people with similar values, ideas, and desires join to create a business that is run by the group. Becoming an owner of Kokua Market is investing in the idea that we all want good, healthy, and sustainably attained food. As an owner, you have a say in how our store is run, what we carry, and changes you want to see the store make. We are also governed by an owner-elected board that meets with the management once a month to represent the members and make sure the store is being managed in accordance with the values of our community.




Shop Authentically

Our goal is to provide our community with local, organic, and healthy food!

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Join Our Community -

Become an Owner!


What does it mean to become an Owner? What are the benefits of becoming an Owner? 

Becoming an Owner of Kokua Market is making an investment in your health, our community, and the growth of Hawaiian agriculture.

  • Owners Advantage pricing (A sale price above and beyond a sale! You will see sales signs posted throughout the store where Owners get an additional discount on select items!)
  • Discounted movie tickets to Consolidated Theaters (Owners are able to purchase tickets for $8/ticket!)
  • Owners Appreciation Weekend (twice a year we offer 15% off owner purchases for a whole weekend!)
  • Annual Meeting (enjoy a free dinner with Kokua's management team, Board Members, and fellow Owners and get updated on what's happening in your market!) 
  • Have a say in your store! ( We truly value the opinion of our customers and Owners and want to make sure we meet opportunities to better serve you and the community as a whole!)

Join us in creating a supportive and sustainable community across O‘ahu!