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The parking lot is now directly accessible from King St.


July Update #2

Don’t Forget

Vital Membership Meeting

The next Kokua membership meeting will be held:

2pm on Saturday, August 3 at the Church of the Crossroads

Due to an editing error the time was deleted from our last newsletter—apologies.

Continuing Asphalt Work

This Friday morning at 10am there will be another round of asphalt work on Kahuna Lane, according to our landlord. The good news is that our parking will be accessible via King Street. Do not attempt to use the back road, as that will not be open.

Pikake Lei


Fresh Pikake Kupe’e (wristlets) and shorty rope style neck leis

Unlike commercially grown Pikake, these are not sprayed w harmful pesticides. Thus, the bloom may be fast and furious! Get them while u can!

  • Kupe’e $12-$15 small (Keiki) to medium
    (large only by special order)

  • 24” rope neck lei $35

Maunawili poi and More


Another delivery of excellent, organic Maunawili poi will be available Friday morning. This is an exceptional product and we highly recommend it. Only twenty 1# bags are available, so no miss! It will be in the produce department.

Speaking of produce, we hope you have taken advantage of Hawaii’s bountiful summer fruit—luscious Raposa, Hayden and Pirie mangoes, last of the season fat red lychee, jackfruit, soursop, hearts of palm and sugar loaf white pineapple. We will get mangosteen—the queen of fruits this week, so be on the lookout.

Kokua now is carrying Waialua Sweetland Farm feta, as well as the amazing tomme cheese. Look for it in the refrigerator case. Another shipment of Kunoa 80/20% ground beef will be arriving Friday, along with hanger steaks from Kauai and ground venison from Molokai. Also look for locally produced beef and venison sticks, just in.Ludovico chickens, the only Oahu naturally raised birds (as eaten at MudHen Water and Fete), are in stock.

Our frozen/chill order has been delayed—but will arrive Friday, instead of as expected on Tuesday. More dairy and Strauss ice cream. Bubbies mochi ice cream is now on the freezer shelf—including triple chocolate and lilikoi. We’re working on getting bulk mochi ice cream, so you can just buy a single to indulge yourself.

Cakeworks will be delivering beautiful pastries regularly, so you can enjoy a hot cup of organic coffee (or local, depending on the day) and a great pastry. There will be gluten free scones, croissant and lovely oat cakes. We are looking at more options for healthy and easy breakfast fare.

Our new chef, Sharif

chef Sharif.JPG

Our new chef, Sharif, will be cooking for us Thursdays thru Sundays; alternating with Ryan’s delicious Indian cuisine. Sharif comes to us highly recommended by the Choy sisters, Shelley and Patti. He has an expansive culinary background and we are looking forward to enjoying his Mediterranean fare in coming days.

Featured Friday will be Greek lemon chicken, Beef Roast, Fasolakia (vegan), Lentil stew (vegan), Mediterranean rice (vegan), Mashed potatoes (vegan), Tabouleh quinoa salad (vegan), Summer Couscous Salad.

Be a part of the team this Summer

Please consider joining our Kokua team this summer and helping at the store. We need your time and energy for a variety of projects including administrative tasks, stocking, cleaning and reorganizing. Each time we have had a project, like painting the store or revamping the lanai, we seem to have the same dozen (wonderful and dedicated) volunteers show up. This newsletter goes out to over 2,000 members—we want you to remember that this is your store and you might be surprised how satisfying it is to make a contribution of time and energy.

It’s the way the co-op came together many years ago—and created so many deeply rooted relationships and networks among us.

You can email the gm@kokua.coop and we will work out the time and the type of work best suited for you.

Thank you for supporting us with your spending and considering becoming a volunteer.


What is Kokua Market?

Established in 1971, Kokua Market is the first natural foods cooperative in Hawaii, and the only one in Honolulu! We have high standards for what we carry, with a focus on fresh, local & organic products. Owner or not, anyone can shop at Kokua Market.


Our mission is to operate thriving grocery stores in accordance with cooperative principles and to promote healthy, sustainable living in Hawaii.

What is a Co-op?

A co-op is a business cooperatively owned by people with a shared vision and values. Becoming an owner of Kokua Market is an investment in the community's access to healthy and sustainable food. Our 4,000+ owners have a say in what we sell and how we operate. Scroll down for information on becoming an owner!




Shop Local & Vote With Your Dollars

Our goal is to provide our community with local, organic, and healthy food!
Shop at Kokua Market to vote with your dollars in supporting the local economy and creating a more sustainable food system. 

Explore our many departments for a description of what we offer!


Join Our Community - Become an Owner!


What are the benefits of becoming an Owner? Becoming an Owner of Kokua Market is an investment in your health, our community, and the local economy. Benefits include:

  • Owners Advantage pricing (additional discounts on select items)

  • Discounted movie tickets to Consolidated Theaters ($8/ticket)

  • Owners Appreciation Weekend: 4 weekends/year, owners receive 15% off storewide.

  • Annual Meeting: a free dinner with Kokua managers, Board Members, and fellow owners to get updated on what's happening at the market

  • Electing Board Members: Kokua Market is governed by an owner-elected Board of Directors. Elections typically occur once a year

  • Have a say in your store! We truly value the opinion of our Owners and welcome suggestions to better serve you and the community as a whole

  • Volunteer: Volunteering at Kokua is a great way to become part of our team and experience what it is like to be part of a co-op. Volunteer three hours a week and receive a 15% discount on all your purchases at Kokua the following week. Just fill out an application at the cash registers, and our Volunteer Coordinator will get back to you.

How do I sign up?
A one-time $160* investment makes you a lifetime owner. Sign up online or in the store!

*A $10/month payment plan is available for those who prefer it