Kokua Market Needs Your Support

For nearly fifty years Kokua Market has supported local agriculture, food security and healthy lifestyles and provided a space for folks to build community and cooperative spirit.

Kokua members and supporters have put together a plan to address and overcome recent financial issues. We are raising capital funds to relaunch the co-op. Enthusiasm is high, and so far the response to our long-term restructuring plan has been tremendous.

But, in the short term, we need a little more breathing space to get the restructuring plan in place. Your Go Fund Me donation right now is needed to keep the lights on, employees paid and the store open through March. If we can hold onto our lease for another 30 days, we have the chance to reboot successfully.

Please visit our Go Fund Me page and tell your friends to kōkua Kokua however they can. Every bit helps. Mahalo!

Come on by the store today!

Kokua Market is undergoing a period of transition—many folks think that we have closed. This is not true—please spread the word and encourage shopping, as that helps us. We are excited for the future, but we will need your help to get there.

At the Membership Meeting on January 23, our membership voted to move forward with our member equity program. To save Kokua, we must sell 1,000 shares @ $150 each. If we reach our goal, we will be able to get additional matching loan capital. If we do not reach our goals for both equity and loans, we will return all share purchases. We need YOU, our dedicated co-op members, to buy as many shares as you can (up to 20 – or 19 if you are already an owner). Spread the word—ask your friends and family to support relaunching Kokua. You can buy your shares online at this link. You can also use our downloadable form for becoming a new member or buying additional shares by check—Kokua Fundraising Letter. Of course, you can buy more share while in the store.

For more information on Board changes and new members, please see our newsletter here. For more information on recent events, deli and chef updates, check out our current newsletter here.  Check out the Kokua 2020 flyer which shows our ideas for our new vision of Kokua.

We have two new chefs, awesome deli food as always, local eggs, local I’a poke, bulk is back, and local produce is stocked daily. We hope that through this period of change, you will continue to support us and invest in the future of your co-op!

Mahalo for your continuing kokua,
The Board of Directors

Our Owners Meeting for Saturday, February 23rd has been cancelled.

See you at the March meeting.

Saturday, March 2, 2-3:30 pm
The Waiwai Collective on University Ave.

Directions to the Waiwai Collective

What is Kokua Market?

Established in 1971, Kokua Market is the first natural foods cooperative in Hawaii, and the only one in Honolulu! We have high standards for what we carry, with a focus on fresh, local & organic products. Owner or not, anyone can shop at Kokua Market.


Our mission is to operate thriving grocery stores in accordance with cooperative principles and to promote healthy, sustainable living in Hawaii.

What is a Co-op?

A co-op is a business cooperatively owned by people with a shared vision and values. Becoming an owner of Kokua Market is an investment in the community's access to healthy and sustainable food. Our 4,000+ owners have a say in what we sell and how we operate. Scroll down for information on becoming an owner!




Shop Local & Vote With Your Dollars

Our goal is to provide our community with local, organic, and healthy food!
Shop at Kokua Market to vote with your dollars in supporting the local economy and creating a more sustainable food system. 

Explore our many departments for a description of what we offer!

Join Our Community - Become an Owner!


What are the benefits of becoming an Owner? Becoming an Owner of Kokua Market is an investment in your health, our community, and the local economy. Benefits include:

  • Owners Advantage pricing (additional discounts on select items)

  • Discounted movie tickets to Consolidated Theaters ($8/ticket)

  • Owners Appreciation Weekend: 4 weekends/year, owners receive 15% off storewide.

  • Annual Meeting: a free dinner with Kokua managers, Board Members, and fellow owners to get updated on what's happening at the market

  • Electing Board Members: Kokua Market is governed by an owner-elected Board of Directors. Elections typically occur once a year

  • Have a say in your store! We truly value the opinion of our Owners and welcome suggestions to better serve you and the community as a whole

  • Volunteer: Volunteering at Kokua is a great way to become part of our team and experience what it is like to be part of a co-op. Volunteer three hours a week and receive a 15% discount on all your purchases at Kokua the following week. Just fill out an application at the cash registers, and our Volunteer Coordinator will get back to you.

How do I sign up?
A one-time $160* investment makes you a lifetime owner. Sign up online or in the store!

*A $10/month payment plan is available for those who prefer it