volunteer opportunities always available…

As an Owner, you can volunteer for just 3 hours per week to earn 15% off your groceries for the week!

We love and need volunteers! Come in and see our cashiers to ask for a volunteer application, and our volunteer coordinator will get back to you.

Currently, we are in particular need of:

  1. Someone with expertise in sound/security systems, to help us update and clean up our current system, and

  2. Handyman help around the store.

If you are strong in either of these, please contact us! Your help would be so greatly appreciated.

Examples of other volunteering opportunities:

  • Stocking

    • freezers

    • dairy/deli

    • drinks

    • produce

    • face/stock shelves

    • cut/stock cheese

  • Cleaning

    • Sweeping outside or inside

    • Bulk and spice areas - washing scoops, adding supplies

    • Clean/stock bathroom – sink, toilet, floor

    • Empty garbage cans in and out

  • Help with events

    • food demonstrations

    • cooking

    • kid’s activities

    • advertising

  • Help make signage and painting

  • Help with marketing

  • Attorney expertise

If you would like to help clean or stock and do general needed tasks, just sign up with our cashiers and our volunteer coordinator will assign you to some tasks! If you have specific skills or are particularly interested in any one section (for example, if you make really great signs, or granola, or love to do event advertising), please specify in your application or in subsequent contact with our volunteer coordinator.

We love and appreciate all volunteers, and are always in need of them!