Owners Vote Unanimously to Move Forward


Owners Vote Yes to Keep Kokua Open

On Saturday March 2, we had an owners meeting to share updates on our fundraising and plans to save Kokua Market. In fundraising we exceeded our shares campaign goal, raising $167,000 so far. We also secured an additional $120,000 in member & community loans, and $10,000 in donations/grants.

We are excited to announce that given our success, the owners voted unanimously to spend the money raised with the proposed plans forward outlined below.

Plan Forward
Phase 1: Use Equity and Get Professional Interim General Manager, Wynston Estis. New IGM arrives on March 11 and will be here for a few months to restart the store with a new product mix & new operational standards. This includes plans to clean up store, improve signage, locate new suppliers, and invite new vendors to work with us. Our goal is to change our product mix, increase inventory and raise sales to around $50,000 a week.

Phase 2: If successful with Phase 1, the Board will consider Phase 2, depending on our ability to secure additional investment capital. This phase would include getting new equipment, considering new departments, and hiring a second Interim General Manager.

Save the Date for our Next Meeting

Our next owners’ meeting is Sat. April 27, 5:30-7:30pm. Location TBD. Please save the date!

Introducing our New Interim General Manager

Screen Shot 2019-03-10 at 9.06.27 PM.png

We are happy to announce Wynston Estis as our new IGM. She has worked with Co-op’s big and small, ranging in sales from a few million to over $40 million annually. She started with her home co-op in Madison, WI when it was a 3,000 sq ft store that grew into two 10,000 sq ft sites.

“My role working with Co-ops that are experiencing challenges is to learn what’s not working and then work with the staff and BoD to develop a plan to move the Co-op closer to its goals. In the next several weeks, I’ll be learning what you do and how you believe you can best contribute to strengthening the Co-op as we work to achieve Kokua’s vision.”
-A Note from Wynston Estis

Wynston Estis comes to us from CDS Consulting Co-op.

How You Can Help

You can continue to support fundraising by buying shares or donating to GoFundMe. We need volunteers in the store for a face lift, so e-mail gm@kokua.coop to volunteer and as usual, come shop 10am-6pm everyday.

We are stocking more and more products every week and hope to return to normal and better than ever soon! Thank you!

Mahalo to Healthworks


Mahalo to Healthworks, which sells superfoods online, for sponsoring us during our fundraising campaign. Healthworks sells 100% certified organic products like cacao nibs, hemp seeds, goji berries, and more!