We did our job and now we need you to shop!

You need to shop at Kokua NOW! 

Let’s keep Kokua open the only way we can,
by shopping  at our Cooperative.

You've been amazing in contributing funds to get the store back to looking and feeling good through your share purchases. There are also wonderful vendors and organizations that have funded our efforts to keep Kokua going. Thank you. That was the support we needed to give our Kokua another chance to thrive. 

But Kokua can only thrive if it has strong sales to produce revenue for its recovery. We need every customer to shop with us for $30.00 - $50.00 minimum every week to meet our sales goals and cover expenses. Please get your friends, family and neighbors to support Kokua’s recovery by spending more of their food budget there. If you have networks or social media you can use to spread the word—churches, alumni groups, environmental organizations, neighborhood groups please reach out to them.

Although we have stretched every last dollar and penny you have invested, we still have not made our FIRST sales goal of hitting $35,000 a week. Kokua is in desperate need of your support. IF YOU DON'T USE YOUR CO-OP IT WILL FAIL, POSSIBLY BY THE END OF THIS MONTH.

We realize that we are only part of the way towards our goal to make Kokua Market Co-op the best, small grocery store in Hawaii. There is much more to accomplish but we will not be able to move forward without strong community sales support.

Many former shoppers think Kokua is closed. Please let folks know that we are open for business and have restocked the shelves, cleaned up the store, installed inside seating and more.

With deep gratitude, hope and aloha, we offer you this chance to insure that Kokua Market Co-op continues to serve its purpose which is serving you. 

Kokua Board of Directors

Let’s work together.

Visit our website for information on Kokua 2020 and to keep uptodate.